Raspberry Pi as PC

So I have just begun using a Raspberry Pi as a total desktop. And I am really enjoying it. The text editor choices are very lean, so I’ve been using VI, and I really like using it to be honest. I’ve added some screenshots below.

I really started to enjoy vi as well. It’s very pretty. I will post the hello world assembly in ARM as well below.


	.ascii "Hello World, from ARM assembly!\n"

len = . - msg


.globl main
	mov %r0, $1
	ldr %r1, =msg
	ldr %r2, =len
	mov %r7, $4
	swi $0
	mov %r0, $0
	mov %r7, $1
	swi $0

Rasp Pi 1 Rasp Pi 2

Written on June 8, 2019 23:19 UTC-4