Tiger Programming Language Compiler in Ocaml

So I began, well at least trying to eventually, write a compiler. I am reading Modern Compilers Implementation in ML by Andrew Appel. I find it to be a very great read. I am only a couple chapters in, but I think this will a great read, and a very fun project to try to finish by the end of the summer Currently I am working on I believe to be ASTs, abstract syntax trees. I have some stuff that looks like, the entire thing should be findable at Tiger Ocaml.

type id = string

type binop = Plus 
  | Subt 
  | Mult 
  | Div

type stm = CompoundStm of stm * stm
  | AssignStm of id * exp
  | PrintStm of exp list
and exp = IdExp of id
  | NumExp of int
  | OpExp of exp * binop * exp
  | EseqExp of stm * exp
let prog = 
      OpExp(NumExp 5, Plus, NumExp 3)),
        EseqExp(PrintStm([IdExp "a";
          OpExp(IdExp "a", Subt, NumExp 1)
        OpExp(NumExp 10, Mult, IdExp "a"))),
      PrintStm([IdExp "b"])

So now we have programs that will hopefully be exectable in this structure. The other part I have done is the first exercise.

let max: int -> int -> int = fun (a: int) -> fun (b: int) ->
  match (a > b) with 
  | true -> a
  | false -> b

let rec maxArgs: stm -> int = fun (statement: stm) ->
  match statement with
  | CompoundStm(stm1, stm2) ->
      max ((maxArgs stm1)) ((maxArgs stm2))
  | PrintStm(stms) ->
  | _AssignStm ->
and maxArgsPrint = List.length

(* I did not realize our PrintStm didn't take a list
of statements... *)
(*maxArgsPrint: stm list -> int = 
  fun (statements: stm list) ->
    List.fold_left (fun acc x ->
      acc + (maxArgs x)) 0 statements

Currently that is where I am, and I am hoping I have a really cool Tiger Compiler written in Ocaml by the end of the summer. It was also a little steep, because I had to first learn the syntax to Ocaml. I usually write in ReasonML.

Written on June 15, 2019 1:40 UTC-4