I began using my Raspberry Pi, so I could have a real desktop, as all I own/have currently are laptops. So having a dedicated computer is a nice luxury to have again. I found the Raspberry Pi, to be completely awesome. It gives you the luxury of complete control, that I would otherwise be too hesistant to try out with my traditional x86 counterparts, that are considerably more expensive. I believe that this switch will leave me many times more productive in the end. Vim has a very considerable learning “wall”. I highly recommend however, using i to insert, esc to leave insert mode, :wq and :q! for saving+quitting, and quitting without saving. Those were the only tools I knew before going to deep into Vim usage.

The other thing, I’ve learned the Vim is only supported by 1 developer. I thought that was neat. I’ll go ahead and add some images from my use.

Rasp Pi 3 Rasp Pi 4 Rasp Pi 5

Written on June 10, 2019 19:40 UTC-4